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Prestige mailing

Prestige mailing is a service that allows the trader to benefit from the name of the advice office, in order to be certain that the presentation letter of a product, patent or service, is really examined. As a matter of fact, companies hardly consider mail sent by unknown individuals, while it’s statistically certain that the mail of an office, like ours, working in a specified sector, will be probably read. Hence, the necessity of a prestige mediator who can provide for the drafting of a professional letter with detailed drawings and descriptions of the product or service to be presented, and then deal first talks with interested firms. 

For any explanation, or to have only an estimate, you can contact us by E-mail to the address:, to telephone us to the (0039) 0587 734105 - Cell. (0039) 349 7420601. To entrust an assignment, you can use the appropriate section "VIRTUAL OFFICE" where you will find the varied forms, programs, deliver and all the necessary to begin in a professional way the relevant practices. Instead, to ask for a simple advice you can compile and send the appropriate ELECTRONIC FORM.

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